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This video will show you how to add and activate additional channels to your RightFax Server.

The scenario here is that you, or your organization, has bought additional channels for your RightFax Server. So how, exactly, do you go about activating and adding them? Let’s go over this with a brief demonstration.

The first thing you need is confirmation from either OpenText or your Account Manager that the channel purchase has been finalized. This will come in the form of a Packing Slip from OpenText. Here you’ll see that my Packing Slip states that I have purchased an additional 2 channels to add to my RightFax 16 EP4 Server.

Next, you’ll need to update your product licensing for your RightFax Server. This will be done by opening Enterprise Fax Manager on your RightFax Server and then clicking on Services on the left side-pane. Right-click on the RightFax Server Module and select “configure service”. When the Server Configuration window opens, click on the Feature Activation tab and then click on the “Product Licensing Utility”. From here, click the “Activate” button. If successful, you should get the EULA screen. Click "Accept" to finish. Now exit the Product Licensing Utility and then click the red “X” to exit the Server Module Configuration.
These next steps will require you to stop the RightFax DocTransport Module. So, be sure you’re doing this at a time where production faxing is not occurring, as this will interrupt active faxes on your channels.

Right-click on the RightFax DocTransport Module and select “Stop Service”. Once the service has stopped, navigate to your RightFax installation directory. In my case, it’s the default location of C:\Program Files(x86)\RightFax. From here, go into the DocTransport directory and then the Brooktrout directory. Locate and select the btcall.cfg and callctrl.cgf files. Right-click these and select “copy”. Now create a location where we can store our backup of these files. I’m creating a folder on my server’s desktop an will call it “Brooktrout backups”. Now paste the files into your backup folder and exit from the Brooktrout directory by closing the Explorer window.
Go back to Enterprise Fax Manager and right-click on the DocTransport Service and select “Configure Service”. For my server, I purchased additional RightFax OEM channels, so I need to expand “Brooktrout” on the left and then “RightFax OEM”. See my 2 RightFax OEM channels here? I should now have a total of 4 channels, so I’ll need to click on “RightFax OEM”and then to the right I’ll click in the dropdown for “Number of SR140 channels and change my channel count from 2 to 4. Note when I do this that I get a message stating “You must re-run the Configure Brooktrout Board utility, by clicking the Configure Brooktrout button.” Click “Ok” and then click the bottom here that says “Configure Brooktrout”. You should get this “Account access information” window. Click “Ok” to proceed. Now I didn’t get this, but if you do happen to get a dialog window that opens showing paths to configuration files, simply click “ok” to that and that should take you to this window “Brooktrout Configuration Tool – Wizard Mode”. On the bottom left, click the “Advanced Mode” button and you’ll get a prompt asking if you’re sure you want to launch the tool in advanced mode. Click “Yes” to continue here. This will launch the “Brooktrout Configuration Tool – Advanced Mode”. All we need to do here is update some configurations. This is also the reason we backed up those config files earlier. If anything should go wrong and I need to go back to the way things were, I could stop DocTransport, replace the config files with my backups and set my channel count back to what it previously was before starting DocTransport back up again.

To update your configuration files, click the “Save” button followed by the “Apply” button on the toolbar. If all is successful, you will see a message showing it is “attempting to start the Boston Host Service” As long as you do not receive any errors trying to start the Boston Host Service, you were successful in updating the configuration files. Click the “X” to close the Brooktrout Configuration Tool and then click “Ok” on your DocTransport configuration window to apply your changes.

Right-click on the RightFax DocTransport Module and start the service. After the service has started, click on your fax server’s name here on the left and make sure that your channel count is correct (here I now have 4 channels) and that all channels have initialized properly. As long as we don’t see an (N) after our channel numbers here, then our channels initialized properly.

All that remains now is for you to send and receive a test fax. After you’ve tested channel functionality, it’s mission accomplished!

That's it for adding and activating additional channels to your RightFax Server

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