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This video will show you how RightFax natively archives faxes sent from your server.

To use RightFax archiving:

At least one WorkServers must have Archive selected under Services.

The archive settings must be configured for each WorkServer that manages archiving.

The “Archive Sent Faxes” permission must be enabled for all users whose outbound faxes should be archived.

Each fax is archived individually upon completion, regardless of whether it was sent successfully. If a user configured for archiving sends a fax to multiple recipients, each instance of that outbound fax is archived.

Select the file format for archived faxes. The file format you choose depends on how you use the archived faxes. By default, files are archived in a multi-page TIFF-G3 format with Group III data compression.

Select the History check box to include a fax transmission history with each archived fax image in the archive folder. The fax history is an ASCII file with the file extension .trx and the same file name as the fax.

For the Path option, specify the folder in UNC format, where archived faxes will be stored.

The WorkServer creates the specified path if it does not already exist. If you do not enter a path, faxes will not be archived.

The total path length, after replacing any macros with data, cannot exceed 225 characters.

Note: If you enter an incomplete path, the path will be created relative to the worksrv.exe working directory. For example, an entry of Fax\Archive would result in the creation of \RIGHTFAX\WORKSRV\Fax\Archive.

There are macros you can use in the path field that allow you to dynamically create folders by date, day of the week, month, user ID and billing code, among others. Files stored in dynamically created folders are assigned unique file names that cannot be changed.

For the Index file option: Specify the UNC path and file name of the file where all archive events will be logged. The index is a comma-delimited ASCII file. Each index entry appears on a separate line and includes 24 data fields.

The four check box items allow you to further customize the archive process by selecting these options.

If you are looking for a more robust and feature rich option to export faxes from RightFax, get in touch with The Fax Guys about our Fax Export add-on utility and we will be happy to schedule a demonstration of this productivity tool that allows you to export sent or received faxes.

As always if you have any questions about this topic or any topic in the world of faxing let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.