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This video discusses configurations for fine tuning the retry attempts made when RightFax is configured to route a fax with errors to a network directory.

In RightFax, when inbound faxes fail because of a transmission error, RightFax will still attempt to route them to a network directory even though they are incomplete. Even when no image data is captured and no subsequent image files are created in the ...RightFaxImage folder, RightFax still attempts to route the fax. This can cause numerous error messages to appear in the Windows Event Viewer and work requests to build up over time.

Also, this would affect how the work request for GENMAILRTE process emails for the email gateway. It spawns a G3 to tiff error in the Event Viewer.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: RightFax WorkServer4 Module
Event Category: None
Event ID: 3314
Date: 3/11/2006
Time: 3:25:02 PM
User: N/A
Computer: W2K3BASE
Description: FRF:Error (0x430002) executing the command:
'g3totiff.dll -M -22006:03:11 15:20 -3 Fax from: -iC:PROGRA~1RIGHTFAXimageR0004EC1 -o\W2K3BASEROUTER0004EC1.TI$ '

By default, RightFax routes incoming faxes to the network, including faxes with errors. You can change this behavior in RightFax 9.0 SP2 HF3 and later by adding an entry to the Windows registry.

1.Open Windows Registry Editor.

2.Browse to the following registry key:

(32-bit) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareRightFaxFaxServer
(64-bit) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareWOW6432NodeRightFaxFaxServer

3.Add a new REG_DWORD entry called "DoNotRoutePartialFaxes."

4.Set the value of this entry to 1 to enable the feature.

5.Stop and restart the RightFax Server module.

To undo the behavior, either set the value of DoNotRoutePartialFaxes to 0 (zero), or delete the entry, as the default is to route all faxes.

In 10.5 and 10.6, check the box "Disable routing of faxes with errors" in the server module in Enterprise Fax Manager (EFM):

1.Open EFM.

2.Click the Server name of the server in the left pane of EFM. Locate the modules section that is in the lower right-hand box under the Channels section.

3.Highlight the Server module.

4.Right-click and press configure (or double-click Server Module).

5.Check the box "Disable routing of faxes with errors".

6.Click OK.

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