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This video walks you through the steps to request technical assistance via The Fax Guys support portal.

Hello this is Jay Campbell with The Fax Guys and I am discussing the process of opening up a new service order with The Fax Guys for technical assistance in this video.

How do I open up a new service order?

Go to:

Click Help Desk Login in the upper right hand corner.
Type in your user name (email address) and password.

Click the blue box that says Request Service.

Complete the request and click SUBMIT. Pay particular attention to the Priority, Brief Description and Detailed Description fields. Additionally, you can attach documents (screen shots, error logs, etc.) here.

We will discuss the Priority option in detail in another installment.

Only ‘authorized personnel’ listed on your Customer Account will be permitted to open a Service Order ticket. These personnel should be RightFax Administrators at your company.

A RightFax Administrator should be able to log into your RightFax Server using a RightFax Service Account. They should also have local Administrator access and have knowledge of all other servers and devices (names and I.P. addresses) that RightFax integrates with.

Can we set up normal end users to be RightFax Administrators?

This is not encouraged. End users typically do not have the access and permissions necessary within your company to access your servers, etc. The person(s) at your organization who requests support from The Fax Guys must have basic knowledge of RightFax administration as well as access to your servers, etc.

How do I get on the ‘authorized personnel’ list? Have the primary RightFax contact at your office send an email to with your name, contact number, and your email address. We will set up access for you (typically on the same business day).

What if I don’t know who our primary contact is, or he/she is out of the office and I still need access to the Customer Portal? Email and request “temporary access”. Please include your name, contact number and your email address. We will provide you portal access temporarily and request confirmation of your access as an authorized user from the primary contact at your organization.

During normal business hours, opening a ticket through the Customer Portal will serve as the fastest way to request service. Indicate in the “Brief Description” field that your server is ‘down’, and set the priority of the ticket to “Urgent”. Our HelpDesk engineers see all tickets that are opened, even when assisting other customers. Customers with critical issues affecting production will be prioritized to the top of the list. If your production environment is down, you can expect a callback within 30 minutes.

Do you have a HelpDesk phone number? Yes.

You can call 952-252-3620 which rings our Tech Line. Please note that since our engineers are often already on the phone assisting other customers, your call may go directly to voice mail.

The fastest method to request service is during normal business hours, Monday through Friday--opening a service order at the Customer Portal will always serve as the fastest way to request service.

The Portal also allows you to document and articulate clearly the question or issue you are experiencing.

Every ticket opened at the Portal goes directly to the dashboard of the engineers, where they are able to review tickets even when assisting other customers. If you choose to call the HelpDesk and our engineers are currently on the phone, you will need to leave a voice message. When you do this, our engineers cannot ‘preview’ your ticket to determine if the issue is critical or not.

That covers the ticket opening process, Thank you for viewing. check with us on the other videos covering Fax Guys support portal access, service order priority, and resetting your fax guys portal access password.