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RightFax 10.6 Fp3 has moved Enterprise Fax Reporter into Enterprise Fax Manager (EFM).

To run a report, select reports from the left EFM menu, click on FILE, OPEN REPORT, select which report and click OPEN. The next screen will ask for any parameters if needed like date, number of channels, etc.

To export the report, select the icon on the far left with the arrow pointing to the right, and enter your filename and which file type (PDF, DOC, etc). To print the report to your local printer, click on the Printer icon in the toolbar.


One of the new features in RightFax 10.6 FP3, is the ability to run reports directly out of enterprise fax manager.

So within EFM, select the reports option in the left pane. Select file, and select open reports.

In here you can see there’s billing code reports, there’s channel usage reports, and there’s summary reports. We will select a time of day inbound usage report.

Click open, and then if there’s any parameters it’ll bring it up on the screen. So this one’s enter the number of received capable channels. In this case, we’ve got one channel in this particular server. So you can enter the value there, and then you can pick your date range. So I want to select from April 1st. Notice the time there, so if you want to select from midnight, you’ll want to change that to 00:00. Then you can select your end date. We’ll select April 30, at 23:59. Click OK, and here’s your report.

So at 5 a.m. we had 14 minutes of faxing for one channel and it shows the usage all the way through 4 a.m. You can see the server name, and at the bottom the total number of minutes. So that’s the channel report.

If we go and select a user report, and do the usage by inbound users, we will pick the date range again and hit OK.

Here it’ll show for each user ID and then it will show the date and number of pages.

In this case, BSOLLARS on April 13, had 102 pages inbound. If I want to export this report, I can select the export and then select what type, and save it that way. If I want to print it, I can select print, and if I want to go to other pages, I can go to other pages.