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This video discusses the RightFax environment when you may have a fax or faxes stuck in the conversion process.

As a RightFax administrator you may have occaision to see an issue where 1 or more faxes get stuck in a state of "In Conversion" or "Problem Converting Fax Body or Coversheet".

Let's focus on faxes stuck in conversion as a lot of what we cover will also aid in resolving issues with "Problem Converting Fax Body or Coversheet" although the latter can also have a fairly wide range of specific failure causes and are therefore outside the scope of this video.

With RightFax 10.6 and later, the software has added tools for monitoring Conversion buildups and generating statistics on this functionality as well and these can be useful in allowing you to notice issues quickly and act to resolve them.

The first thing to look for with faxes stuck in conversion is does the issue impact one user or all users?

If all users are impacted we want to check more RightFax server level functionality -- are the RightFax services, especially the RightFax Conversion Engine service, and the RightFax Workserver Module services running, or stopped?

If the services are not running, try starting them. If they appear up and running then try restarting all of the RightFax services, or even reboot the server if you have availability to do so.

If a restart doesn't recover functionality or services fail to start, check the RightFax Application Log in the Windows Event Viewer for information relating to the conversion process--this may help isolate the problematic function.

Further information can be gathered by debugging services performing conversion, especially if these services are generating errors or warnings in the application logging.

Remember, if services start and conversion works as expected when debugging but not when the services are in normal operation this indicates a service account issue--have the rights or authentication changed recently on the service account configured for the conversion services?

You can verify or make changes to the RightFax service account from the Server Module service.

Last, at the server level RightFax needs disk space to convert documents to the TIFF image format for faxing, does the server have available disk space?

Now let's take a look at some things that can occur at the user level to cause issues. These cases would be specific users or even specific files failing to convert for a user.

Is the user faxing a new type of document, and what process are they using to attach the file to the fax?

Print-To-Fax operations happen at the client level while fax attachments to email or via the FaxUtil client happen at the server level. Certain attachment types may require specific licensing within the RightFax software to complete.

You can test the overall conversion functionality by having the user send a cover sheet only and see if this converts as expected without the attached file.

Finally, does the user have a different client version than the RightFax software version installed on the server? There are known issues with conversion and differences in version between the client and server; this type of problem usually shows up after a server upgrade or migration with user clients still on the earlier version of the software.

This covers most of the basic items to check when trying to resolve faxes stuck in conversion in RightFax, hopefully it will help you solve this issue if you run into it, and if not you have gathered the information and insight The Fax Guys will need in order to further assist you in getting fax conversion back up and running as expected.

As always if you have any questions about this topic or any topic in the world of faxing let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.

This is Jay with RightFax University saying thank you for watching and Please visit us again. The RightFax University is a work under continual progress and we update often.