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This in-depth video will show you the steps to activate a Dialogic SR140 for use with RightFax.

This method is a different process than licensing the SR140 as RFOEM. Click here to view that video.

The SR140 license process outlined here is for Dialogic specific licenses and is generally seen with older RightFax servers.

Typically our installation engineers will revert to the newer RFOEM license when upgrading a RightFax server however, the process is covered here if you wish to retain the Dialogic specific licensing. Dialogic-only SR140 licensing does allow for direct support with Dialogic for SR140 issues without the need for going to OpenText as an intermediary.

Both methods are supported by The Fax Guys and the RFOEM process will be covered in a separate video.

The Dialogic SR140 has been supported for use with RightFax since RightFax 9.3 Feature Pack 1 and later and it eliminates the need for a hardware fax board. SR140 supports the T.38 fax-over-IP (FoIP) standard. T.38 is a real-time, session-based protocol that allows IP-enabled communications equipment to transmit faxes over the Internet.

FoIP allows media processing and call control functions, previously performed by specialized digital signal processors (DSPs) on fax boards, to be performed on general-purpose computers, such as a RightFax computer or remote DocTransport computer. A single SR140 is capable of a variety of densities, from 2 through 60 channels.

To active your SR140, you require two pieces of information:

License number (LAC)
Which is provided when you purchase the SR140 license.