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This video will show you the method used to license an SR140 using the RFOEM method in RightFax versions 10 and later.

We cover the method for earlier versions and non-RFOEM SR140 integrations in a separate video. Click here to watch that video.

SR140 licensing proceeds differently depending on whether you are adding additional fax channels or not. The two scenarios are treated differently because the SR140 (FoIP) activation methods used in RightFax 9.3 and 9.4 are not the same as those used in RightFax 10 and above. SR140 (FoIP) channels on a single server must be activated using only one method (on RightFax 10 and above, this is the OEM licensing method).

If you are not adding any additional channels, the existing Dialogic SR140 licenses activate correctly on RightFax 10 and above. When you activate your SR140 licenses using the Dialogic licensing processes, they also activate correctly on RightFax 10 and above.

If you order additional FoIP-enabled channels at upgrade time or later, OpenText converts your older SR140 licenses to the new OEM FOIP licenses when you place the order. This ensures that a single activation method is used. When activating these channels, use the OEM activation method in the RightFax Product Licensing Utility.

Licensing SR140 If a License is OEM (Paperless)

Open RightFax Enterprise Fax Manager (EFM).

Double-click the RightFax DocTransport module.

At the bottom, click Add Transport.