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This video discusses setting up and using Call Grouping in RightFax.

The Call Grouping feature in RightFax allows you to group calls to the same recipient in a single transmission versus having the fax server place multiple calls using multiple telephony resources when a single call will suffice.

Call Grouping is configured in the RightFax DocTransport Module service in Enterprise Fax Manager.

There are 2 controls the "Allow Grouping" checkbox which will allow the grouping of calls to the same number.
Whenever a fax is placed in the fax queue, Call Grouping checks the queue for another fax going to the same number. If another fax to the same number is scheduled, it keeps the line open and transmits the
second fax.

There is also a selection for Maximum Grouping. This setting allows you to enter the maximum number of pages (1-256) that the RightFax server will send to one phone number before hanging up and sending another set of fax pages.

And now you know where and how to configure Call Grouping in RightFax.

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