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In this video we will discuss the Alerts & Monitoring features in RightFax.

Using the RightFax Alerting and Monitoring service you can select statistics you want to monitor and as needed, define alerts when certain conditions are met.

To use the RightFax Alerting and Monitoring service, you must install the service as one of the selected Product Suite options. You can configure the service, and then define the statistics to monitor and their alert thresholds.

You can install the Alerting and Monitoring service on a remote computer.
Because the RightFax Alerting service provides information about and sends alerts relating to the RightFax server, you may choose to run the Alerting service on a computer other than the RightFax server. Make sure to set the Remote Alerting Service checkbox in the general tab of the Alerts & Monitoring configuration.

To open the list of monitored services:

In EFM, in the left pane, expand the server, and then click Alerts & Monitors. The list of monitored statistics appears in the right pane with the current values appearing in the Value column and the ID
column showing the current state of each statistic:

A grey/white dot "minus" indicates an error retrieving the value of the statistic.
A blue "exclamation" dot indicates that the statistic is being monitored, but that an alert
is not defined.
The green dot indicates that the statistic has an associated alert condition, but the condition has not been met.
And a solid red dot with exclamation indicates that the statistic has an associated alert condition, and the condition has been met.

Let's take a quick run through of the service configuration.

Configuring the General tab
These items are fairly self-explanatory.

Refresh delay
Specify the frequency, in minutes, that the Alerting service will poll the RightFax server for statistics.

Repeat delay
Specify the frequency, in minutes, that alerts will be sent when statistic thresholds are met.

Configuring the Launch Program tab
Using the RightFax Alerting service you can run a program, such as a batch file or other process when thresholds for monitored statistics are reached. Use the options on the Launch Program tab to configure how these programs are launched by the Alerting service.

Here is the SMTP tab
Using the RightFax Alerting service, you can deliver alerts as email messages via SMTP when thresholds for monitored statistics are reached.

Now let's look at the Alerts.
To add a statistic and an alert, if available
On the Edit menu, click New. The Alert Properties window opens.
Fill in the information on the Monitor tab, and to generate an alert, on the Actions and Message tabs.

You define the properties on the monitoring tab and the statistics which you will be monitoring.
On the Actions tab, you can define the conditions and thresholds for generating an alert, as well as the alert action to take when the condition is met.

On the Message tab, you define the message text that will be sent as an alert when the condition defined on the Actions tab has been met.

Enter the message text of the alert. You can use any combination of text and macros from the Macros list. An example of the alert message appears in the box below this option.

That's it for the RightFax Alerts & Monitoring Module.

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