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This video details the process for enabling TTI and RTI information otherwise known as time stamps, for your sent or received faxes.

Hello my name is Jay Campbell with The Fax Guys for RightFax University.

The RightFax software allows for time stamps on in and outbound faxes, and these items are configurable.

First let's look at TTI line information, or time stamps for your outbound faxes.

To enable Transmit Terminal Identification (TTI) stamping of outbound faxes:

Open the DocTransport configuration.
Select Global Transport Settings under Brooktrout
Check the box item labelled "Allow TTI Line"

Once this is selected, you must also specify how the TTI line should be placed on the fax page.

There are options for Overlay, Replace and Insert and these each act a little differently in terms of how they are added to the fax. Check your RightFax Administrator's Guide, or get in touch with us at The Fax Guys for more specific details regarding this selection.

Depending on your version of RightFax, you may have up to 3 seperate options for how the time stamp is displayed: GMT, Server, or UTC. GMT Shows the local time relative to Greenwich Mean Time. The Server time option allows for the time stamp to be the local time at the fax’s server of origin and is the default configuration when time stamps are enabled. The 3rd option, UTC creates a time stamp that complies with the Coordinated Universal Time standard.

The last selection in the TTI configuration is the Quick Header Format.

This allows you to specify heading text to include under the TTI line on outbound faxes. Though defined here, quick headers must be enabled in the General tab of the RightFax Server module Configuration dialog box

The quick header line can be customized using special macros that are replaced in the quick header of each fax.

RightFax does not have user interface options to enable the RTI line or Receipt Terminal Information time stamp on inbound faxes however the software does allow for this functionality by use of Windows Registry changes. Refer to your RightFax Administrator's Guide for your specific version of RightFax, or let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

Last, the formatting of the time stamp on the TTI line can be changed in Windows:

Log into the fax server with the RightFax Service Account.
In Windows Control Panel
open 'Region and Language'

The time stamp formatting is controlled by the 'Long Time' and the 'Short Date' fields on the Format tab.

That's all for time stamping on sent and received faxes with RightFax.