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This video with walk a RightFax administrator through adding or removing the required fields on a cover sheets of outgoing or received faxes.

To transmit an outgoing fax, information about the recipient must be completed in the Fax Information dialog box. The RightFax administrator can specify how much information the user must complete before the fax sends.

To set the required fields for out-going faxes:

1. Run Enterprise Fax Manager

2. Select Customize Cover Sheet Fields from the Utility menu.

3.Select the check box next to each field you want to require. The To Fax Number option is required to send the fax, so it cannot be cleared. If all of the required fields on an outgoing fax are not complete, the fax remains in a user’s FaxUtil mailbox with the status “Info Not Complete.”

You can also specify required fields for received faxes. For example, you can require that the fax recipient include billing codes or other fields for billing records.

To set the required fields for received faxes

1. From the EFM Utility menu under Customize Cover Sheet Information dialog box, click the Receive Required Fields tab.

2. Select the check box next to each field that you want to require.

If a fax arrives that does not include all required fields, the recipient is not able to delete the received fax without completing the specified fields.

For ease of use, the required fields are listed in bold font in the FaxUtil fax information dialog box.

That's it for setting up required cover sheet fields in RightFax.

Thanks for watching.