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This video describes the internal RightFax Maintenance Cycle and shows where this is configured in the software, and how to validate that it is running as expected.

The RightFax software has internal processes that it runs at a time you specify to carry out such tasks as automatic file backup, fax aging, and fax purging.

To configure the maintenance cycle, Go into RightFax Enterprise Fax Manager and open the server module service. Once this is opened go into the Advanced tab and you will see a section here titled "Maintenance Cycle."

Maintenance is enabled by default, with a start time of 2AM configured when the software is installed.

RightFax 10.6 also offers the option to exclude the server from running daily maintenance.

The RightFax database should have maintenance performed on it typically to stay healthy however there are several reasons you may want to turn the maintenance cycle off on one or more servers temporarily or permanently.

A good example here would be disabling maintenance on all but 1 node of a RightFax Shared Services Collective server environment so as not to create unnecessary stoppages to perform the maintenance tasks redundantly, since the database is shared between the collective nodes, i.e., once maintenance has run on one server in this scenario, it doesn't need to run on the others.

Finally, you can validate that maintenance has been run if you check the RightFaxDatabase directory, you should see logs for the cycle (MaintAgingAndPurging.log, etc.) with the current date and the time specified to run in the module. These files can be viewed in a plain text reader such as NotePad for troubleshooting and data gathering.

That's it for the RightFax Maintenance Cycle.

Thanks for watching.