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This video provides a way to produce a detailed list of RightFax users separated by User ID, Name, Route Code, and Group from Enterprise Fax Manager using the Administrative Utility Change User.

Make sure you have installed the RightFax Administrative Utilities on the RightFax Server or on a supported Microsoft Windows workstation.

Open a command prompt.

Navigate to the following directory: C:Program Files (x86)RightFaxAdminUtils>

Run the following command: ChgUser -f <ServerName> (or IP Address) -l <UserID> -o <Password> -6 >C:RightFaxUsers.txt

And press Enter.

Regarding the Switches being used in the command line:

-f This is the Windows NT Server name running RightFax.

-l UserID to log in into the server.

-o Password for UserID to log in into the server. To use NT Security, leave this blank.

-6 Outputs a tab-delimited user list with ID, Name, Routing Code, & Group ID, in this case I just dumped the file to the root of C:, you can specify any reachable location that works for you.

For a full list of all the switches that the ChgUser Administrative Utility can use, run Chguser using the -h switch.

Also remember it is recommended that the User ID specified for the login used is a RightFax Administrator user to ensure that the account has access to the RightFax users in Enterprise Fax Manager.

That's all for Creating a RightFax user list using the Chguser administrative utility. If you have questions about this article or would like assistance with installing or using the tools, get in touch with The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.