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This video discusses creating additional desktop folders in Windows to resolve Microsoft Office application related conversion errors with RightFax.

We add these folders if you are experiencing areas indicating problem converting fax body or cover sheet listed in the fax utility or multiple errors in the application log relating insufficient memory with various Microsoft Office application conversions such as Word, Excel ,PowerPoint. This video was recorded at 1280 by 720 resolution for high-definition and is best viewed in full screen mode.

First we log on to the fax server using the service account, username and password. To correct the issue, we are going to create a desktop folder in the system profile folder on Windows 2008 server and restart the computer for the change to take effect. Let’s go through the steps. First one is to open up Computer. We’re going to going to Windows folder on this computer. It is in the drive at C.

We are going to go to Windows.

From Windows we are going to go to the system 32 folder.

We are going to go into this location and go to the config file.

We link on config; we are going today system profile.

We’re going to add a new folder from new folder on the toolbar.

We will call this folder; desktop.

Exit this window now and restart the computer.

For 64-bit Windows 2008 there is an additional location where you also need to create a desktop folder. We are going to go back into Windows folder as before and this time we’re going to going to SysWOW64.

Back into config.

System profile and under system folder we will also need to create a desktop folder here. Again we will need to exit this window and restart the computer for the change to take effect.

That’s it for office conversion issues of RightFax in Windows 2008 using the desktop folder. This is Jay Campbell with The Fax Guys from RightFax University saying thank you for watching and please visit us again. The RightFax University is a work under continual progress and we update often.