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This video walks you through determining what features your RightFax server is licensed for.

Open the Server Module service in Enterprise Fax Manager and then select the Feature Activation tab, and then click Product Licensing Utility.

Once the Product Licensing Utility applet opens notice you have a few options.

The 2 main areas to determining your feature set are going to be the Product Summary, and the Product Features.

Product Summary lists few things about your server, but the primary item we are concerned with here is the SUID. The SUID will allow you to match the license of the server with the feature set you have purchased. This becomes more important when you have multiple RightFax servers that may or may not all be licensed for the same feature set, such as a production server versus a disaster recovery or test server.

Once you have identified the SUID and determined what features you should be licensed for on that serial number, you can check the Product Features option out to make sure your license matches your purchase order.

Product Features lists all of the licensed features, and add-on modules such as mail and workflow connectors, EDC integrations and more. It also gives you the number of additional fax and FOIP channels that your server is allowed to have configured. Notice some of the many features listed here on this server.

The number of RightFax channels indicates how many additional fax channels are allowed to be configured beyond the 1 channel that is automatically assigned. Exceeding this number will cause a licensing error and your fax channels will go offline.

Note that this server also shows a listing for the RightFax PDF Module. This license is required for sending or routing PDF files in that format, without this feature conversion to PDF will fail.

As you can see from just a couple of examples, being able to determine your RightFax product's feature set can greatly assist in tracking down support issues that may occur due to any number of misconfigurations in the software, and knowing where to locate this information can save you time and trouble in helping isolate a great number of issues.

That's it for determining licensed RightFax Features.

As always, if you have any questions about this topic, or any topic in the world of faxing, let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.

Thanks for watching.