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This video discusses faxes stuck in "Scheduled to be sent" status.

Scheduled to be sent status is typically a normal status for faxes in FaxUtil however there are some instances where you can see faxes stuck in this status for protracted amounts of time, or not moving from this state at all.

Under normal circumstances this status simply indicates that a fax has completed the conversion process and is awaiting for an available doctransport channel to send on.

Various scenarios can present themselves that cause a fax to hang in "scheduled to be sent" when RightFax doctransport channels appear to be available and indications are that the fax should otherwise be sending.

First, the easiest step to try in resolving this is to restart the RightFax DocTransport Module service from Enterprise Fax Manager. Certain build codes of RightFax have had issues with faxes getting stuck in various states.

Next, check the Microsoft Message Queue as configured for the RightFax doctransport service and make sure that the information here is valid, and that MSMQ is otherwise working as expected without errors.

There are some other issues that relate to specific versions and configurations as well. Are you using the Call Grouping feature and Fax-Over-IP? In some builds of RightFax 10.5 and earlier, this combination of features would start by sending faxes on all channels but would slowly cascade all channels to offline mode and hang. Make sure your RightFax software is fully patched with the latest feature packs and service releases if you are seeing this type of scenario.

Another problematic configuration issue is the dialing rule feature of restricting channels for sending, especially when used in conjunction with Least Cost Routing feature. If you are seeing issues with faxes stuck in "Scheduled to be sent" after making changes to channel restrictions or adding LCR, get in touch with us at The Fax Guys and we can walk you through the correct configuration for the dialing rules logic on this type of setup.

Last, make sure that no users are configured to automatically forward faxes to themselves. This causes a looping behavior and server resources will quickly become consumed and faxes will become stuck in various states, including "Scheduled to be sent". This one should be fairly obvious but it has been seen before so make sure you don't configure yourself into a loop with auto-forwarding faxes.

These are the major causes of faxes stuck in "Scheduled to be sent" status.

If you are still stuck in this state after reviewing all of the information we have just covered or as always, if you have any questions about this topic or any topic in the world of faxing let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.