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This video discusses forwarding and routing send processes for received faxes.

There are a couple of options in the RightFax software to send a received fax to someone else:

You can forward a document from your FaxUtil mailbox, a copy of the document is sent to the recipient and the original document remains in your mailbox.

When you route a document, the original document is sent to the recipient and is removed from your mailbox.


If you route or forward to a RightFax user, the original image, enhanced image, and OCR file (if any) are sent. If you forward to a destination outside of your RightFax system, only the original fax pages are sent.

To forward and route documents

1.  Select the document from your received fax list and click the appropriate icon on the tool bar:

Forward to New Number, Forward to User, Route to User

2.  If forwarding to a new number, complete the addressing boxes in the Fax Information dialog box. If sending to other RightFax users, double-click each user to receive the document.

3.  Click OK to send.

That is all for fax fordwarding and routing received faxes.