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This video will show you the process for configuring RightFax so that users outbound faxes and outbound faxes to recipients you specify will be held before sending until approved by a RightFax administrator.

Hello my name is Jay Campbell with The Fax Guys for RightFax University.  This video was recorded at 1280 by 720 resolution for High Definition and is best viewed in full screen mode.

RightFax can be configured to hold outbound faxes for approval by an administrator before sending. Only RightFax administrators, group administrators, and group alternate administrators can view and approve these faxes.

Let's review how to require fax approval for a user:

1. Edit the user profile in Enterprise Fax Manager

2. On the Permissions tab, select the Must Have Faxes Approved check box.

Faxes can also be blocked by dialing rules.

Faxes that are blocked by dialing rules can be approved for transmission by RightFax administrators. Group administrators and alternate group administrators cannot approve these faxes.

For more information on Dialing Rules, check out our other RightFax University videos that cover this feature set in depth.

To view a list of all faxes waiting for approval whether blocked by user configuration, or by Dialing Rules:

1. Run FaxUtil.

2. On the List menu, click Administrative Mode to view the contents of all fax mailboxes for which you are an administrator.

3. On the List menu, click Needing Approval to show faxes waiting for approval.

4. To approve or disapprove a fax, right-click the fax and select Status > Approve Fax or Disapprove Fax. You can add a note (up to 450 characters) that are stored with the date and your user ID in the fax history. You can also delete the fax rather than approve or disapprove it.

If the fax is approved, it is immediately scheduled to send. If the fax is not approved, it is assigned a status of “Fax was disapproved” in the original sender’s FaxUtil mailbox.

For ease of management, you can configure users to receive notifications when faxes need approval through a variety of notification methods.

These notifications can be customized via the RightFax server module in Enterprise Fax Manager.

Beyond the Enterprise Fax Manager Client, you can also review approval status via the RightFax Web Services API with an enabled optional SharePoint Web Services module.

That's it for configuring options for holding faxes for approval by administrators in RightFax, as you can see there are several options to carry this out at various user levels and the software enables you through a variety of methods to maintain timely awareness of faxes needing administrator intervention.

This is Jay Campbell with The Fax Guys for RightFax University saying thank you for watching and please visit us again. RightFax University is a work under continual progress and we update often.