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This video will show you how to license your Diem Mail-To-Fax application.

Diem Mail-To-Fax is an add-on application that provides a universal email transport layer allowing RightFax customers to simplify the entire configuration and management process of integrating any email server to send faxes.

To license the application, go to the install location of your Diem Mail-To-Fax application.

Next, locate and launch the DiemMailToFaxManager and you will see the following interface:

On the General Tab, at the bottom of the window you will see a License: field.

If you see the option here labelled as "Unlicensed... Click button on the right to activate" Then you will need to follow the directive and click the button to license the product.

Follow the instructions in the window by copying the information and emailing this to

Once this is sent off, you will soon get 2 emails back, 1 confirming that you have a support account created for your Diem Mail-To-Fax license, and another with an open service order that serves as a tracking ticket for your license request.

Once the license has been validated, you get a 3rd email with specific instructions on applying the license file.

In most cases you will simply replace a file on your installation, and the license will be updated.

Let's take a look. I have copied the new MailToFax.lic file from email to my fax server hosting the Diem Mail-To-Fax.

Following the directions in the email I received, I will close out the application and make sure that the DM2F service is stopped.

Now I will Replace the current Mailtofax.LIC with one attached (located in the ..Diem TechnologiesDiem Mail-to-fax directory)

And last, verify that the license is valid, by re-checking the management interface.

That's it for licensing Diem Mail-To-Fax.