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This video will demonstrate how to use the Windows-based utility that allows RightFax Enterprise Administrators to change RightFax permissions and options for multiple users at one time.

ModUser is a RightFax Administrative utility, The RightFax Administrative Utilities can be installed as part of the regular Setup for the RightFax Product Suite. During the installation process, click the Administrative Utilities feature located at the bottom of the features list.

ModUser is only available for Enterprise licenses.
You must have RightFax administrative privileges to run ModUser.exe. ModUser.exe can be run from any workstation on your network.

After it is installed, run ModUser.exe. When prompted for a server name, enter the name of the RightFax server you want, choose the network protocol for the server and click Next. Finally, enter your RightFax administrator user ID and password, and click Finish. The Modify User window opens.

This window lists each RightFax user on the server you selected. To make global changes that will affect a group of selected users, select the users you want by clicking the user IDs and holding down either the Shift or Ctrl key. When you have selected the users to edit, click Edit in the menu bar. The User Information for Multiple Selections dialog box opens.

For each option, a check mark means that the option is enabled for all selected users, a gray check mark indicates that the option is enabled for some users, and if there is no check mark, the option is disabled for all users.

When you have made the changes you want, click OK to return to the Modify User dialog box. Asterisks (*) appear next the users names to show that they have unsaved changes. you are prompted to save all your changes when you close the Modify User dialog box. To immediately apply changes without quitting, select Save Changes from the File menu.

As you can see ModUser is a powerful, useful tool that can save administrators a great deal of time by allowing the modification of user options from a user-friendly interface.

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