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This video covers the different methods you can use to omit cover sheets in RightFax.

How to Omit cover sheets:

This video covers the different methods you can use to omit cover sheets in RightFax.

Hello My Name is Jay Campbell with the Fax Guys for RightFax University. Today we are looking at omitting cover sheets in RightFax. This video was recorded at 1280 by 720 resolution for High Definition and is best viewed in full screen mode.
There are two methods that you can use to omit the cover sheet of a fax:

For the first method we will omit the cover sheet on a fax-by-fax basis:

Un-check the cover-sheet box in FaxUtility, this removes the cover sheet from being sent.

In the more options tab, you can still select a cover sheet if more than one are available. This, however, has no impact on it, as you've already unchecked the box.

The second method will omit the cover sheet on all future faxes by the particular user. This process has to be carried out on a user by user basis.

Within the particular user configuration under the default outbound settings, un-check the 'send cover sheets?' box.

If you do this, and the box appears grayed out and highlighted in FaxUtility, and faxes are still being sent, open Enterprise Fax Manager, go into groups, and check to see what group the user belongs to and check the settings for that group.

Once in the group, check to see if the cover sheets section part of basic information has 'all faxes much have cover sheets' selected. If selected, this option overrides user settings and forces all users in that group to use a coversheet.

If you attempt to send a fax with no attachment, it defaults back to the default coversheet and sends only that.

Finally, you can use ChgUser.exe, which is an Administrative Utility to effect cover sheet omission on a larger scale.

Chguser.exe is a command line utility and it's syntax is covered in the RightFax Administrative Utilities documentation.

These options give you flexibility in managing your cover sheets in RightFax.

Please check back for more videos covering the many facets of the RightFax software. The RightFax University library is a work under continual progress and we will be updating often.

This is Jay Campbell with The Fax Guys for RightFax University saying thank you for watching.