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This video will walk you through the process of reprocessing faxes in the FaxExport utility.

You may have occasion to reprocess your faxes from RightFax into Fax Export. This can be necessitated by an interruption in processing faxes due to a temporary lack of access to the archive location configured for FaxExport for example.

If you have the Fax Export export settings configured to 'Mark faxes as processed but leave them in their folder, as shown here in the Fax Options section.

This configuration will check the FAXFLAG_GENERIC1 value for that fax in the Rightfax Database.

If a fax needs to be reprocessed complete the following steps.

1. Launch FaxUtil
2. Select the Fax that needs to be reprocessed
3. Select ALT+ENTER
4. Scroll down and uncheck the FAXFLAG_GENERIC1 value
5. Click OK and Yes or OK when prompted that this will update the fax.
Nothing else is required. FaxExport will reprocess this fax again.

Now let's say you have the option 'Move faxes to this folder' enabled in FaxExport.

With this option enabled, all you need to do is drag the fax from the 'named' folder back to the MAIN folder. Fax Export will reprocess that fax as expected.