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First, remember that RightFax 10.6 FP2 can ONLY be installed onto an existing RightFax 10.6 or 10.6FP1 server, it cannot be run against older versions of RightFax; if you are performing a fresh installation of the RightFax 10.6 FP2 server, you can run the update without first having installed the base version instead.

On existing server upgrades, you may encounter a SQL error after the file updates to the software have completed. The SQL error indicates that the SQL script updates for the database are not applied, and the server could be in an unusable state at this point in time.

The error you see is that "The ALTER TABLE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint" and lists "FK_NewDocRecipients_NewDocs". The conflict occurred in database "RightFax", table "dbo.NewDocs", column 'handle'.

This indicates that there are entries left behind in one or more of 3 database tables that are causing the SQL script updates to fail.

To resolve the issue,

1. back up the RightFax database in SQL.
2. Run the following SQL query:

delete newdocs
delete NewDocAttachments
delete NewDocRecipients

3. Re-run the FP2 installer.
4. Verify functionality of the server, and how the faxes are sent.

This should take care of the problem with the update being applied, however due to the existence of data stuck in the aforementioned tables, this could also indicate an issue with certain methods of faxing that flow through the Remoting API, such as WebUtil, SharePoint, the Outlook Advanced Plugin, or your MFP devices.

If you need further assistance with applying the update, or have questions regarding your fax sending processes, let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.