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This brief Crash Course video will take you through the steps to adjust how many retry attempts your fax server makes before determining a fax will not send to an intended recipient and how long the server will wait between subsequent fax attempts to the same recipient when a failure occurs.

Hello welcome to the RightFax University Crash Course.

How to Adjust your outbound fax retry attempts

You can adjust the number of attempts RightFax makes before showing a fax as having failed with a Red status. you can also adjust the amount of time between attempts to send each fax.

Here's how:
First, open the RightFax Server Module

Go to the General tab

All current versions of RightFax will have a Retry Settings option in this tab.

The Count option indicates how many attempts will be made, the default setting here is 5 attempts.

The Interval indicates how many minutes to wait between attempts to send the fax, the default setting here is 5 minutes.

You can adjust these 2 items to suit your company's specific needs or requirements.

That's it for outbound fax retry settings.

Thanks for watching