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This video shows you how to verify basic functionality of the RightFax Web API.

The RightFax Web API is used for custom web applications. The development of custom applications extends beyond the scope of standard Customer Support but Customer Support can assist in ensuring that the basic features are installed for use.

How to install the RightFax Web API
Installing the RightFax Web API can be done through Programs and Features in the Control Panel by modifying the RightFax Product Suite and selecting to install RightFax Web API.

How to determine if RightFax Web API is already installed
You can determine if RightFax Web API by loading the help page in a web browser:

How to test the login credentials for the RightFax Web API
You can test the ability to log into the RightFax Web API by the page in a web browser:
When you are prompted to login you will need to use a RightFax account. This does not need to have administrative privileges. Using a standard account such as Default would work fine:

If it works you should see some API content loaded on the page.

TIP: You can also test from another computer but you will need to update the URL to reference the RightFax server’s name instead of localhost.