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This RightFax Crash Course will show you how to send a fax to multiple recipients at once using the FaxUtil phonebook feature.

Hello welcome to the RightFax University Crash Course.

How to Send Outbound faxes with the FaxUtil Phonebook

It is possible to easily add multiple recipients to one fax by using the RightFax Phonebook.

1. In the Fax Information dialog box, go to the Main tab.

2. Click the Phonebook button to display all of the contacts in your RightFax phonebook.

3. Double-click each contact you want to include, and their name will appear in the Current Recipients list.

4. Click OK on the Phonebook to return to the Fax Information dialog box. Then fill out the required (bold) fields, add any attachments, and click Send.

That's it for faxing from your FaxUtil phonebook.

Thanks for watching.