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This video will cover the use of the BTVer tool from Dialogic.

This tool is used to confirm firmware, flash boot ROM and driver information for the Dialogic Brooktrout physical fax boards and the SR140 virtual fax board.

This tool provides specific
information regarding installed fax boards firmware and driver versions.

This information is sometimes useful for troubleshooting fax board related issues with the Dialogic Brooktrout and SR140 fax boards and is part of a set of standard logging and data gathered when reaching out to Dialogic technical support.

To run the utility browse to the RightFax install directory on the server and then drill down in to DoctransportBrooktrout

run the executable
and you will information presented to you in the following format:

Unexpected results outside of this basic format indicate firmware and driver problems with the fax boards.

There are a few switch available for the utility as well and these can be viewed with the standard Windows /? help switch.

That's it for BTVer, check out the companion video for the Dialogic Modinfo utility as well.

Thanks for watching.