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This video will walk you through the use of the RightFax FaxUtil Status Bar.

Hello welcome to the RightFax University Crash Course.

This video will walk you through the use of the RightFax FaxUtil Status Bar.

This video's demonstration is carried out on FaxUtil version 10.6, but the options shown here haven't changed much over the years however 10.6 may have more features than prior versions.

RightFax FaxUtil contains a status bar that can give you a large amount of information regarding your in and outbound faxes at a glance. Let's take a look.

The first icon box will show in and outbound faxes. Inbound faxes feature a down arrow, and outbound faxes are indicated by an up arrow. A curved right arrow idicates a fax has been forwarded.

The second colunm which features a printer, shows you that a fax has been printed.

Third, we have a page icon that indicates a fax has been processed through the Optical Character Recognition engine, or OCR for short.

The fourth icon, which looks like a PDF icon, indicates that the fax contains data in Adobe Portable Document Format.

The final icon item indicates a fax has been processed to or from a mail server as a regular, secure, or certified email.
Moving along, Date and Time indicates when a fax was sent or received.

To/From relates who the fax was addressed to in the NAME field if this data is available.

Fax Number/Email shows the ANI information or email address associated with a fax if this data is available.

Pages/Bytes indicates the size of the fax.

Last, status shows you the current status of the fax transmission.
Most of these headings have an associated "roll over" help function. Furthermore, you can use these headings to sort or filter faxes metadata for powerful at-your-fingertips information gathering; the tools are well worth exploring and "poking around".

If you have further questions or concerns regarding RightFax FaxUtil, get in touch with The Fax Guys, we are always happy to assist.

Thanks for watching.