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This video Discusses the configuration and usage of the RightFax Maintenance Utilities.

The RightFax Maintenance Cycle is a collection of tasks that help maintain an efficient SQL database such as file backup, fax aging, and purging. you can schedule maintenance at a convenient time with low server activity.

Let's take a look--Maintenance Cycle configuration is located in the RightFax Server Module applet from RightFax Enterprise Fax Manager. Open the Advanced Tab and you will see the configuration options. These options will vary between versions of RightFax as new features are added. Of note, comparing the RightFax 16EP2 and RightFax 16EP4 versions we see that the 16EP4 version now offers the ability to specify individual days on which you can run or skip the maintenance cycle, to further help prevent interference with other scheduled tasks.

The controls are fairly straightforward --

'Scheduled Time' lets you specify the time of day and one or more days of the week when maintenance will run and when archiving with the Archive Module will occur.

For 'Time Zone', specify the time zone for the server.

The 'Exclude this server option' is available for Shared Services Collective systems, so you can specify if maintenance should not run on this server--since the database is shared between the collective nodes, the maintenance cycle only need run once per cycle.

'The Purge audit data older than' setting let's you purge the records that RightFax maintains of users who log in and log out, as well as additions, deletions, and modifications to user and group accounts and to delegates. No check here will maintain these records indefinitely; otherwise, select this check box to specify when to purge this audit data. In the days box, enter the number of days after which to purge the data.

Also new for the 16.x family of RightFax versions, the 'Clean up system files older than' feature lets you choose to purge files left behind by fax processing can accumulate with time. Select this option to remove such files after a specified number of days. In the days box, enter the number of days after which to delete the files. In a Shared Services system, these settings will be replicated to each node as these files are localized per node.

Depending on your implementation of RightFax, files are deleted from various locations in the RightFax directory known to accumulate and cause potential issues:

RightFax\Production\Errors (and subfolders)

Maintenence logs are stored in the RightFax \Database directory on the server where the maintenance cycle runs and can be reviewed with any text editor. Maintenence Aging and Purging logs are maintained for 7 days consecutively, while the MaintDocRecovery.log is overwritten daily as the cycle runs. Be sure to make log backups if these logs are needed to be reviewed for troubleshooting or reference purposes.

And that's all for the RightFax Maintenance Cycle.

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