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This video will show where to verify your MFP licenses in the RightFax External Document Control Module.

MFP devices integrated with RightFax require a per unit license required by most major vendors.

To validate how many available licenses you currently hold and how many of these are already in use or available for use you can review your licensing per vendor in the RightFax EDC Module.

Select and double click or choose configure on the RightFax EDC Manager Module service from Enterprise Fax Manager.

This opens the EDC Monitor applet.

From the toolbar select Tools then Advanced EDC Configuration.

From the Modules option you will see the specific vendors and the number of total licensed devices.
Select the specific vendor you wish to review and double click.

The specific module will open and next to the devices button you will see the total configured, or in use and how many remain available for use.

Clicking the Devices button you can actually review and edit the devices that are already configured. You can add, remove and edit the devices currently configured.

In the example we are reviewing here we don't have any devices currently configured, so we have 5 of 5 available licenses open for use.

That is all for verifying your MFP licenses in RightFax.