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This video will show you how to determine what digits are being received by your RightFax Doctransport Module service for routing of inbound faxes.

In RightFax, when faxes are not routing to the proper user account, verifying the digits that are being received by DocTransport is essential for troubleshooting this issue.

Faxes may appear on the RightFax channels in Enterprise Fax Manager (EFM) with no digits in the Route Code field. Typically, faxes that do not have Route Code that matches a user in RightFax or have no Route Code at all, are routed to the Administrator's fax mailbox by design.

In order to validate that RightFax is or is not receiving digits, locate one of the inbound faxes in FaxUtil that was incorrectly routed and follow these steps:

Highlight the fax in question.
Press ALT + F10; this launches the Fax Information dialog interface.
Scroll down until you find the field for "Fax DID Number".
If a <null> value appears here, then the digits that are necessary for routing are not being received by RightFax.

To verify whether or not the digits are being received by the RightFax DocTransport Module, you can run this service in debug mode.

If you are still not seeing the digits listed in debug more there could be a couple of issues that are impacting you. The most common reason is that the digits are not being passed from the PBX, Gateway, Router or even your Telco service provider or carrier.

Logging further upstream in the telephony network may be necessary to determine why the digits are not being presented.

Another possibility is that you may be configured for DTMF routing versus DID routing in your environment. With DTMF, everyone sending to the server computer dials the same phone number. After this phone number answers, a user is presented with a tone or voice prompt, and it waits for the user to enter an extension before presenting a fax tone.

If an extension is not entered, then a time-out fax tone is given, and the fax is received in a default box. User error can occur frequently with DTMF routing.

DTMF is configured in RightFax in the Doctransport Module under each individual fax channel.

For more information about Fax Routing, RightFax DocTransport Debugging or DID versus DTMF routing with RightFax, or if you have any questions about the world of faxing, let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.