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This is a brief introduction to the Dialing Rules interface in RightFax including a demonstration of creating a simple dialing rule.

Hello my name is Jay Campbell with The Fax Guys.

Today we will be introducing the Dialing Rules feature of RightFax and discuss a little bit about what you can accomplish using this powerful component of RightFax.

Dialing rules allow precise control of outbound faxing by specifying rules and restrictions about how faxes are sent, according to their destination fax numbers.

For example, you can prepend digits as needed to outbound fax calls in order to reach specific telephony network segments.  You can route fax calls out of specific RightFax Enterprise Servers in different geographical locations to take advantage of lower cost routing scenarios.  You can delay sending of faxes to take advantage of off peak service charge times.  These are a few examples, there are many more.

Today we will demonstrate how to create a simple dialing rule to add a 91 to any outbound calls with a 10-digit number, that is to say a telephone number with an area code dialed as well.

First we start by opening the dialing rules configuration from the menu in Enterprise Fax Manager.

Right-click on Dialing Rules and select NEW

You’ll notice there are several tabs at the top of the Rule Edit applet.  We will discuss each of these in greater details in later videos.

In this example, we will add 10 question marks as the pattern match for our rule today.  This will match exactly 10 digits, and match for ANY 10 digits that we dial, and this is based on the question mark being used as the wildcard.  There are several powerful wildcard options to choose from and individually they each match numbers in different, and sometimes overlapping ways.  We will explore all of the logic for the wildcards in more detail in a separate video.

Now we configure the number adjustment we wish to make.  In today’s example, we will be prepending a 9 and 1.

Once we’ve added the rule and selected OK, the rule appears in our list of dialing rules.  The Dialing Rules interface is quite useful in determining what rules you have configured at a glance; this interface shows all dialing rules, and the specific configurations for each, and what actions the rules will carry out on the numbers if any.   On my test server, notice we have several rules already created.  The new rule we’ve just created is listed at the bottom.

Make sure to save the dialing rule once you are satisfied with the configuration.  File > Save Dialing Plan, or CTRL+S.

Once it is saved, we can now test the rule via the Dialing Plan applet’s Route Tracing and Rule Execution Test.

Simply plug in a number you wish to test your rule against, and select the Rule Execution option.   You will get output in the window below as to the adjustments made to the fax number submitted.   In this case we see the starting phone number, and we have a listing of what rule or rules applied to the number, and we see that the new phone number has our 91 prepending as expected.

That is the basic process to create a dialing rule in RightFax.  I hope this information is useful for you.  We will be adding more videos covering the other modules of the Dialing Rules applets in future videos so moke sure to check back with us often.  As always we appreciate your feedback via RightFax University.  This is Jay Campbell with The Fax Guys saying thank you for watching.