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This video will show you a new place you can manage Delegates in RightFax 16.2

As you may already know, delegates can be managed in FaxUtil by using the Delegates button on the toolbar. RightFax 16.2 introduces a new delegate management option to Enterprise Fax Manager.
With the addition of the new "User Management Administrator" permission, this could come in handy for a RightFax Admin that has Enterprise Fax Manager on a client PC, but doesn't have FaxUtil installed.

To access this option, open Enterprise Fax Manager and then click on Users on the left side-pane.
On the Users list to the right, locate the user you want to manage Delegates for and the right-click and select the "Manage Delegates" option. You'll notice that the Delegates window that opens is the same one that appears if you use the Delegates option in FaxUtil.

For this video, I'm going to manage delegates for my own account.
Now I'll search for a user I want to delegate access to. In this case, it's JDOE
Now click Search.
After selecting the user I want to give access to, click the "Add" button below.
To the right, select the permissions we want to give the user. I'm going to select the "Reviewer" role for this user which gives them the ability to see, but they can’t delete my faxes.
Click "Ok" to save this change.

Now we'll look at FaxUtil from John Doe's PC.
Notice how John has his own Fax Mailbox and also has the "Other Users" option below this.
If we expand "Other Users" we see my MHOLMES user that we just gave John Doe access to
Notice that if John Doe tries to delete my fax (which he doesn’t have permissions to do) he encounters an error message. So, my faxes can’t be deleted by delegate.

That's it for managing delegates in EFM for RightFax 16.2

As always if you have any questions about this topic or any topic in the world of faxing let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.

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