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This video walks you through the process of moving fax board settings from one RightFax server to another.

Sometime it is necessary to move a fax board from one RightFax server to a different server. This process will show you how to efficiently migrate the configuration settings for your Dialogic fax boards. Note that when migrating settings this should only be performed on a same to same basis where the RightFax version is concerned, such as RightFax 10.6 to RightFax 10.6 as option availability for the fax boards is tied to the firmware version of the driver installed with the software, and the firmware and driver versions often change between different versions of RightFax.

1. Log into the old RightFax server.

2. Navigate to <Rightfax Folder>DocTransportBrooktrout.

3. Copy the BTCall.cfg and CallCTRL.cfg files to a back up device.

4. Log into the new RightFax server.

5. Stop the Doctransport Module.

6. Navigate to <Rightfax Folder>DocTransportBrooktrout.

7. Rename the files BTCall.cfg and CallCTRL.cfg to BTCall.old and CallCTRL.old.

8. Move the files from the back up device to <RightFax Folder>DocTransportBrooktrout.

9. Open the Brooktrout Configuration in Advanced Mode.
a) Open the DocTransport Module.
b) Highlight your fax board.
c) Click Configure Brooktrout.
d) Click Advanced Mode when the Dialogic Welcome screen opens.

10. Apply the current configuration.

11. Start the Doctransport Module.

That's it for moving your Dialogic fax board settings to a new RightFax server.

As always, if you have any questions about this topic, or any topic in the world of faxing, let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.