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This video will show you how you can restrict users from editing delegates in FaxUtil.

You may already know about Delegates in FaxUtil and how to set up delegation on your users. What you might not know is that a RightFax Administrator has the option to restrict users from changing delegate options. Today, I’m going to show you how this works.

On your RightFax Server, open Enterprise Fax Manager and then go to Groups. Right-click on the Group you want to set the delegate restriction on and then select “edit”. On the “Basic Information” tab, you’ll see the option called “Group members cannot edit delegates”. In just a few minutes, we’ll select this option, but first, I want to show you the client side of this, so we can see what your end-users would see both before and after making this change.

I’ve logged into our Windows client PC here with a member of the “Test” group that we saw in Enterprise Fax Manager a minute ago. If we launch FaxUtil, you’ll see when we expand “other users” that our user, Joy, can see the Test group. If we expand, she can see other users here that she was previously given delegate access to. You’ll also notice that the “Delegates” button on the toolbar is available. For now, I’m going to exit out of FaxUtil.

Now let’s go back to our RightFax Server and enable the option “Group members cannot edit delegates” on our Test group.
Back to our client PC and we’ll launch FaxUtil again. Notice that the “Delegates” button on the toolbar is now grayed out. So, our end-user is no longer able to use the delegates function as long as that option remains enabled on her group.

Also of note with this feature, user accounts in Enterprise Fax Manager who have Administrator rights are excluded from this function.

I have an account for myself that is an Administrator and is also a member of the Test group in Enterprise Fax Manager. I’m going to our Windows client PC and will now login with my account. Now I’ll launch FaxUtil. Notice that the “Delegates” button on the toolbar is available to me since I have an account with Administrator permissions.

That’s it for restricting users from editing delegates in FaxUtil.

This is Michael with RightFax University saying thank you for watching and please visit us again. The RightFax University is a work under continual progress and we update often.