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This video covers a discussion of identifying and understanding Resulting Status Codes from fax history in RightFax.

When your RightFax system sets up a call to transmit or receive a fax, a resulting status code is logged in the history of the fax, and is also logged when debugging the RightFax DocTransport Module service. RightFax shows the line status and the fax status for T.30 (PSTN) and T.38 (FOIP) fax transmissions.

When we look at the fax history, if the call has progressed at least into Phase B of the call model, (where capabilities between the 2 ends of the transmission are negotiated) you will see a resulting status.

Depending on the version, the fax history may show either a 2-part 4-digit status code, or in RightFax 10.6 and later, you will see a single code with a resulting status description.

Here's a log of a fax call that resulted in a transmission error on an inbound (received) fax. The fax status code we see here is 0/352; 4/75. We cross reference this with driver-level diagnostic documentation provided by Dialogic and OpenText.

In this case, we are concerned with the last 2 digits, or the 4/75.

The 4 portion indicates an ISDN Disconnect instead of say, a loss of signalling, or a timeout. The 75 result indicates the following:
75 A-6 HNG_NORMAL_RCV DCN received in COMREC.

This further indicates that instead of the expected command during the receive transmission, the fax board instead received a DCN, or disconnect signal. Depending on the specifics of the problem being reported, we now have better direction in troubleshooting based on this recorded status of the inbound failure.

Here's an example of the newer format resulting status code, less granular and outwardly more descriptive.

The Fax Guys can help you in interpretting these types results, troubleshooting these items is often required when trying to determine patterns of incidents, isolate issues with specific recipients, and locate problems within the local network or telephony configuration.

This driver level status reporting along with comparable Wireshark tracing is typically all we need to pinpoint an issue in most cases.

As always if you have any questions about this topic or any topic in the world of faxing let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.