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This video discusses a resolution to Word conversion errors you may encounter in RightFax 10.6.

With RightFax 10.6 when you are using Word attachments and cover sheets, you may see conversion failures.
When logged in the RightFax Application log in the Windows Event Viewer or in debug logging, you see the error
“(00005): Word has encountered a problem.”

To restore functionality, you find that you must close the Word process (winword.exe) and restart the RightFax Conversion Engine.

This issue was originally reported in but may not be limited to RightFax 10.6.

To resolve this issue, If the Maximum Memory Usage (MB) option for Word in the RightFax Conversion Engine is set to the default 70 MB, download and install the latest available updates for RightFax.

If the Maximum Memory Usage (MB) is configured for more than 225 MB, reduce the setting to 225 MB or less.

This problem may occur if the Word process (winword.exe) launched by the RightFax Conversion Engine uses a significant amount of memory. This issue has been observed in multiple situations when Word is using between 300 MB to 500MB memory (or more).

The Maximum Memory Usage (MB) setting determines at what point the existing native application process closes and start a new instance. It is possible for the actual memory usage during a conversion to exceed this setting. If the memory usage of the application exceeds the Maximum Memory threshold during a conversion, then the application process will be closed after the current conversion is completed.

Keep in mind that each environment is unique and you may need to tweak settings in new setups or when changes are made that may impact processes such as Word conversions and other items in your environment.

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