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This video will show you some of the changes and new features available in the RightFax 16.4 FaxUtil client.

    • Users can now apply stamp images from the system library to faxes. Users can also create a personal stamp image for their faxes. We’ll have a dedicated video later to show you fully how to use this new feature but here you can see where I’ve imported a stamp image in Enterprise Fax Manager under the new “Stamps” feature. And here’s where a user could set a personal stamp here in FaxUtil under Tools, Options, User Information and then clicking the new “Personal Stamp” button located here.
    • Users can mark a fax as unviewed. Simply right-click an already viewed fax and there’s now an option under “Status” and then go to “Mark as Unviewed”
    • Users can show desktop notifications for received faxes. This is enabled by right-clicking the RightFax tray icon and then selecting the “Show Desktop Alerts” option.
    • Users can search the RightFax Archive folder with simple and advanced search. We’ll show you this in a later video dedicated to the new RightFax Archive feature.
    • Simple and advanced search can include OCR text.
    • When viewing a fax, users can now view thumbnail images. This is enabled in the RightFax viewer by going to “Page”, “Show Page Thumbnails” and then selecting the desired thumbnail size of either Small or Large.
    • When forwarding a received fax to a new number, users can now add attachments.
    • In default send options, users can select the option to send PDF files instead of fax format when sending to email addresses.
    • In default send options, the user can specify that when documents are converted to fax format, the conversion is biased to enhance text or graphics. User can override the setting when sending a fax.
      • Customize Toolbar options now include Add comment and Archive (EDC).
      • History records are logged for faxes released via hold for preview and approve and disapprove fax sending.
    • The settings in the following keys were moved from the Windows registry to the RightFax database: LoadAdministeredUsers, LoadUnprotectedUsers, and LockAutoForwardConfig.