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This video will show you how to configure automatic application of Service Release updates in RightFax  16.4 and higher.

RightFax 16.4 and higher now has an automatic updating function for applying new service release updates. Today, we’ll be showing you how to use this to update a RightFax 16.4 SR2 Server to 16.4 SR3.

To configure this, do the following:

1. On your RightFax Server, open Enterprise Fax Manager and then click “Services” on the left side-pane.

2. Right-click the RightFax Server Module and choose “configure service”.

3. On the “Data Sharing” tab, note the location of the path for “Service Release Updates”. If you wish to change this to a different location you can either click on the ellipsis here to browse to another location on the local server, or manually enter a UNC path here if you want it to be in a remote location.

RightFax monitors this folder in five minute intervals for a new service release (SR) update file to start an automated update of all servers in a Shared Services system. When you place a downloaded SR executable file into the folder and the version is higher than the installed version, RightFax starts
the update.

4. If you haven’t already, download your update file to be applied. Note that the update files for these automated SR updates have a different name then the standard SR updates that you would manually apply. The update should state either “Silent Update Executable” in its name or description or have the word “silent” in the exe’s name. If you place the wrong update file in the location where these updates should go, RightFax will recognize this and will not apply the update.

5. Before updating our server, we want to make sure that we have a backup in place. This is considered “best practice” before applying any update to your RightFax Server. Since my RightFax Server is a Virtual Machine with a locally installed instance of SQL Express for the SQL database, it’s just a simple matter of taking a snapshot of the VM.

6. Place the update file in the location configured in the Server Module for the “Service Release Updates”.

Since these updates are not interactive, this means that you will not see any on-screen prompts asking you to do anything when the update has started to install. An easy way to tell if the update has started is to leave either FaxUtil or Enterprise Fax Manager open on the server. When either of these closes, you will know that the update has started. Additionally, you could open Task Manager and you would see that “RightFax Update” is running.

After application of the update, a prompt stating “You must restart your computer to apply these changes” is presented. Clicking “restart now” will reboot the server that we just updated.

Once the server restart has completed, open Enterprise Fax Manager and you will see that the Version column shows us our server is now at 16.00 EP4 SR3