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This video shows you which configuration in RightFax causes the SAP integration faxes to be sent from the DEFAULT user account instead of the intended sender.

When you send a fax through the SAP integrated gateway with RightFax, The software will compare the SAP sender's fax number against 4 fields in RightFax user account information in the following order:

1st: Mailbox/User ID
2nd: Inbound Routing/Notification Information
3rd: Distinguished Name
4th: Routing Code

If the Gateway fails to match the number, the fax will be sent as Default User.

Also remember, the SAP sender's RightFax account has to be configured to match the format coming from SAP.

Here's an excerpt from an SAP debug log showing a matching user.

Remember to have one of the 4 mentioned fields match the number you have configured for your SAP sender's fax number and the accounts will reference each other as you expect.

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