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This video will show you how to have inbound faxes routed to a network directory.

You may wish to route your inbound faxes from RightFax out to a network directory for long-term archiving or to carry out further workflow processes outside of RightFax.

Network directory routing is configured at the user level in Enterprise Fax Manager. Go to the user you wish to configure and open the routing tab. Choose the Network Directory option for the routing type. Select the File Format you wish to use for the routed fax.

In the Routing Info box, enter the path to the folder. The RightFax WorkServer service creates the specified path if it does not already exist. Remember, the total length of the path after replacing any macros with data, may not exceed 71 characters.

The RightFax server must have write access to the location to be used and if you enter an incomplete path, the path will be created relative to the worksrv.exe working directory. Note the macro information below the Routing Info box. By including one or more of these macros in the path, you can dynamically create folders by date, day of the week, month, user ID and billing code, among others.

As an example, a macro entry of \\FILESERV\FAXES\RIGHTFAX\~1 causes the fax server to create a folder \\FILESERV\FAXES\RIGHTFAX\20170830 when storing a fax received on August 30th 2017. Files stored in dynamically created folders are assigned unique file names that cannot be changed. Take Note, only received faxes are routed to a network folder using this method.

If a sent fax is forwarded or routed from one RightFax user to another RightFax user with a network routing destination specified the fax appears in the recipient’s fax mailbox, but does not appear in the specified network folder. As always if you have any questions about this topic or any topic in the world of faxing let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.