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This video will show you how to set a TTI line for internal faxes for RightFax 16.2 and higher.

Routing faxes internally when sending to other RightFax users already in your system is an effective method of Least Cost Routing, but they lack the TTI line that stamps the sending device’s name, date and timestamp.

RightFax 16.2 and above can be configured to place a TTI line on internal faxes. Today, I’m going to show you how to configure this.

To route a fax internally to another user, you’ll need to configure a dialing rule. If I open Enterprise Fax Manager and click on Dialing Rules, you’ll see that I already have a dialing rule configured for this with a pattern match of 4 question marks, since I use 4-digit routing. The “destination” tab also needs to be configured so that “receive into fax server” is selected with my RightFax server’s name in the drop-down.

If I open FaxUtil and send a fax to the number 1111, it should send the fax to the user “MHOLMES” that has the routing code of 1111. It will send this fax internally in the RightFax Server Software without using any actual lines to send or receive the fax.

Now I’ll go to the FaxUtil mailbox for my user that received the fax. You’ll notice if I open the fax, there is no TTI line, which would normally display in the upper left corner of the fax. Here is another fax that was previously sent to the full fax number, which would have occupied 1 channel for sending and 1 channel for receiving since it wouldn’t use my dialing rule for internal routing. You’ll notice that if I open the fax, there is a TTI line on the upper left corner of the fax. That’s because this was stamped by my DocTransport configuration which uses the “Fax ID” of “The Fax Guys”.

Now I’ll go back to my dialing rule I created earlier. If I right-click it and select “edit” and then go to the “Destination” tab, you’ll see here that there is an option for “Insert TTI” located directly under the “Receive into Fax Server” option. I’m going to select it and then I’ll populate the “Fax ID” field with “RightFax University” so we can see a different TTI line on our internal faxes. After clicking “ok” to save the changes, I’ll go back to FaxUtil and send another fax to the number 1111. After the fax is received, I’ll open it in the viewer and we can now see that my TTI line with “RightFax University” shows in the upper left corner of the fax.