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This video discusses and demonstrates the Fax ID setting in the RightFax DocTransport Module.

When configuring the RightFax DocTransport for outbound faxing the fax ID for all channels provides a way to identify your RightFax server to the world. Each channel transmits the fax ID to the remote fax machines. If your RightFax environment contains multiple RightFax servers or includes a remote DocTransport (RDT) using the fax ID can help to determine which server sends a fax. This is very useful when troubleshooting transmission issues.

To configure Set Fax ID for all Channels:

1. Open RightFax Enterprise Fax Manager.
2. In EFM select Services and locate the RightFax DocTransport Module. Right-click and from the menu select Stop Service.
3. Double-click or right-click the RightFax DocTransport Module and from the menu select Configure Service.
4. In the DocTransport Configuration screen expand Brooktrout and highlight the board model.
5. In the field net to ‘Set Fax ID for all channels’ enter your company name or company fax number.
6. Once completed click OK to restart the service and apply the changes.

To configure a Unique Fax ID for Each Channel Individually:

Follow the steps we've just outlined, but instead of selecting 'Set Fax ID for all channels', we will de-select this option and then highlight the Channel # and in the Fax ID field enter your unique company name or company fax number. Do this for each fax channel. Again make sure to click OK to restart the service and apply the changes.

That's all for setting Fax ID for your RightFax DocTransprt channels.

As always if you have any questions about this topic or any topic in the world of faxing let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.

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