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This video will walk you through setting the correct priority when opening a new service order for technical assistance via The Fax Guys support portal.

Hello this is Jay Campbell with The Fax Guys and I am discussing the process of setting the priority level on new service orders opened with us, and what to expect in terms of callback times.

Let's go through the service order creation process breifly --

First Go to:
Click Help Desk Login in the upper right hand corner.
Type in your user name (email address) and password.

Click the blue box that says Request Service.

Complete the request and click SUBMIT.

Tickets may be submitted 24 hours a day, However our HelpDesk Engineers manage all requests received through our Customer Portal Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

These engineers prioritize the tickets as they come in. Priority is based on the priority set by the customer when entering the ticket AND by reviewing the brief description to determine how the issue is affecting production.

All tickets determined to have the same priority (urgency level) will be handled on a first come, first served, basis.

The engineers work the tickets using a variety of resources, and promptly return emails and calls. They will also retrieve voice mails left on our tech line. However, this is done between assisting customers, so voice messages are not as quickly retrieved as tickets that arrive through the Portal.

Our HelpDesk engineers also work a rotating after-hours schedule in order to assist customers with 24x7 support contracts who experience critical production issues after hours.

Our Installation Engineers handle all the projects, installations, migrations, and patches as professional services for our customers. Installation engineers also serve as an escalation resource for our HelpDesk engineers. Installation engineers do not handle support tickets or work 24x7 support issues. To request an install, migration, or other project, please contact your Account Manager for a quote. Once the quote has been accepted, our Project Manager will work with you to schedule the project.

Ticket priority is as follows:
Low Priority
Assign/Open ticket within 2 hours
Initial customer contact within 2 hours following ticket ‘Open’

Typically this priority will be questions or minor observations based on the software functionality in some way not usually impacting a customer environment at all.

An example here would be a documentation bug, or say some minor cosmetic issue with the client software.
Medium Priority
Assign/Open ticket within 1 hour
Initial customer contact within 45 minutes following ticket ‘Open’

This priority relates to issues that are causing a minor problem with the software itself that may already have a ready workaround in place, or are only impacting business in some small way.

A good example here would be reporting a printer driver problem on a client system that has to be reinstalled from time to time due to Windows updates on the the client desktop.
High Priority
Assign/Open ticket within 30 minutes
Initial customer contact within 15 minutes following ticket ‘Open’

High priority service orders indicate a major loss of fax functionality with major business impact. A good example of a high priority service order would be loss of functionality for a configured mail integration with RightFax for your user base.
Urgent Priority
Assign/Open ticket within 15 minutes
Initial customer contact within 15 minutes following ticket ‘Open’

Urgent ticket priority indicates that fax functionality is lost. A good example would be RightFax is not sending or receiving faxes at all, with the RightFax services offline and unable to

That's all we have for service order priority. thank you for viewing and be sure to check out the other videos covering accessing the fax guys support portal, opening new service orders, and resetting your Fax Guys portal access password.