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This video walks administrators through the basic logic of an inbound fax call bound for a RightFax recipient configured for DID routing.

Many, if not most RightFax server administrators will eventually decide to take a look at the advantage of having specific fax numbers for some or all RightFax user accounts. If you are in the US this generally means you will be using DID, or Direct Inward Dial configured numbers for this setup.

From a RightFax administration perspective, it is helpful to keep a few things in mind:

DID Banks and dial peers are not managed on the RightFax server or by the Dialogic fax board solution. The numbers for use for the DID are configured by your telephony service administrator or provider.

In processing inbound fax calls RightFax is passive and simply maps the digits (DNIS/DID/DTMF) received from your telephony service to a RightFax User's routing code.

Be mindful of default routing codes (typically 100) based on the template account used for new user creation and be sure to manually add the correct routing code in the number of digits you are configured to route based on or have this added by a sync process.

Once we have a properly configured user we can preview the inbound fax channel and see if the SR140 channel shows the correct information for routing codes.

If the digits passed from the fax board layer match the routing code of a RightFax user, that fax will be routed to that recipient and allow for whatever post fax receive processes need to be carried out.

If incorrect, unexpected or missing DID digits are being spotted for the routing information then further review at the media gateway(s) connecting inbound fax traffic to the RightFax server is in order to insure that what is being provided by the service carrier is being passed along as needed.

And that is the logic flow of an inbound fax to RightFax intended for a specific DID recipient. Notice that this workflow is independant of any specific faxing protocol, or anything specific in networking or telephony service. RightFax will attempt to process any received faxes and if the correct digits are received, DID routing will work.

As always if you have any questions about this topic or any topic in the world of faxing let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always happy to help.

This is Jay with RightFax University saying thank you for watching and Please visit us again. The RightFax University is a work under continual progress and we update often.