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This video offers a few methods for temporarily preventing users from sending outbound faxes.

In RightFax, Administrators sometimes need to temporarily prevent
users from sending outbound faxes due to server maintenance or
server migration. Here are a few ways to do this.

On each RightFax doctransport service or remote doctransport, you
can configure channels to send, receive or both. Simply set all
channels to Answer only, this will prevent any outbound faxes from
being sent.

Another easy method would be to create a dialing rule on each
doctransport service or remote doctransport which uses the
"disallow sending" feature located on the OTHER tab. Use a plus
sign for the pattern field located on the MATCHING tab (A single
plus matches all dialed strings). Disable any other dialing rules,
then save the dialing plan. Outbound faxes would be blocked.

A third option would be changing a user permission to "NEEDS
APPROVAL" for any users which should be stopped from sending faxes.
The faxes will be stuck in a "NEEDS APPROVAL" status until a
RightFax administrator or a group administrator approves the faxes
for sending. You can also use the administrative utility "chguser"
for modifying this for many users at once.

As a last option, you can try disabling the conversion engine and
workserver services which would prevent new faxes from being
converted into images. This method would not stop any existing
faxes from being forwarded as faxes and would not stop any library
documents from outgoing as faxes; however depending on your
workserver configuration this could potentially prevent other
functionality so use this option with caution.

That's it for temporarily preventing users from sending outbound

As always, if you have any questions about this topic, or any topic
in the world of faxing, let us know at The Fax Guys, we are always
happy to help.

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