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This video discusses and demonstrates the usage of administrative mode in the RightFax FaxUtil client.

When RightFax FaxUtil is in Administrative Mode, you will be able to see both inbound and outbound faxes for all of your users.

It is recommended that the User ID specified for the login used is a RightFax Administrator user to ensure that the account has a full access to the Enterprise Fax Manager.

To load faxes in Administrative Mode in the FaxUtil client:

1. Click on the Windows Start button.
2. Go to All Programs > select the OpenText folder.
3. Launch RightFax FaxUtil by clicking on it.
4. On the Menu bar of the RightFax FaxUtil, click on List.
5. Select Administrative Mode.
6. Selecting or deselecting the Administrative Mode will turn it on or off.

That's it for Administrative Mode in FaxUtil.

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