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This video describes the Smart Resume feature in RightFax.

When Smart Resume is enabled when sending a fax, if there is a transmission error or a failure when sending a fax, RightFax will dial a 2nd time and send the fax pages that were not sent.

So if you sent a 4 page fax and failed on page 3, RightFax would call back and send pages 3 & 4 and the fax would be marked as successful.

To the recipient it may appear like there were 2 different faxes. To prevent this confusion, don't send the fax using Smart Resume.

The downside to not using Smart Resume, is if you are sending a 25 page fax for example and a transmission error occurs on page 20, RightFax will hang up and start a new call and resend from page 1 until the end.

As you can see, you can tie up a fax line for a considerable amount of time if you are having problems with a specific recipient and trying to send a large fax.

Smart Resume is enabled in the RightFax FaxUtil client on a per-fax basis you can enable or disable the setting and most versions of the client have this enabled by default.

That's it for the explanation of the Smart Resume feature of RightFax.

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