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This video shows you what to do when email messages (to or from RightFax) stop processing

When using an email integration (SMTP, Exchange or Office 365) with RightFax, you may occasionally encounter issues with emails to or from the RightFax server, or with notifications, that seem to stop processing. How can you check to confirm if this is the case?

Work Request types related to email.

In Enterprise Fax Manager, a RightFax Administrator has the ability to check Work Requests by clicking “Utility” from the File Manu and then selecting “Show Work Requests”. For purposes of this topic, the two Work Requests types we will be focused on here are GENMAILRTE and GENMAILMSG.

GENMAILRTE is defined as “Send faxes to Microsoft Exchange, Notes, and SMTP”
GENMAILMSG is defined as “Send notification messages to Microsoft Exchange, Notes and SMTP”

When checking Work Requests in Enterprise Fax Manager, you should check for a high number of items for either of these two Work Request types. Under normal circumstances you might see what could be considered a high number of items for either of these two Work Request types. The important thing to look at is are the counts going down? This would indicate that normal processing is occurring. You can get an updated count of items by clicking the “Refresh” button located at the bottom of the Work Requests window. If the number of items in GENMAILRTE or GENMAILMSG is not going down and is either staying at the same number or increasing, you may have one or more stuck or bad work requests that may be interfering with normal processing.

What things should I check for?

1. Stopped services.

Check Enterprise Fax Manager to make sure your Email Gateway is not stopped.
If you have an Exchange Gateway, it may be necessary to check the Exchange Server to verify that the RightFax Exchange Connector Service is running. Also make sure that the “location of Exchange mail files” is accessible from the RightFax server when logged in as the service account user that runs the email gateway. If it isn’t reachable, the Exchange server may be down, or permissions on the RFAXGATE share for the service account user that runs the Exchange email gateway may need to be looked at.

2. Stuck Work Requests

To view these work requests, you can use the DBPurge utility that is installed on your RightFax Server.

The reasons for a stuck work request can vary, but what you’re basically looking for is something that’s off, or not right. An easy example here is this work request that shows the routing type is Exchange, when my RightFax user is actually set to SMTP for their routing.

I’m not going to actually delete any work requests here. We’ll save that for another RightFax University video.

Purging Work Requests should always be done with caution and you should consult with your RightFax Support Provider before attempting to do this.